Conduct detailed forensic meteorological analyses for legal and insurance companies.

Forensic meteorology is the scientific study of weather, applied to the process of reconstructing weather events for a certain time and location by acquiring and analyzing local weather reports such as surface observations, radar and satellite images, and eyewitness accounts.

Data Analytics and Searches

 Perform expert data analysis and searches for past weather events. 

  • Hurricane wind and storm surge, windstorm, tornado, winter storms, hail and high winds from thunderstorms, and flooding impacts, and storms at seas for any location.

  • Hail occurrences, highest winds, rain days, snow days, amounts of rain and/or snow falling, high or low temperatures, presence of ice, and river levels. 

Expert Witness Testimony

Conduct comprehensive investigations to determine the weather conditions, circumstances, causes, and impacts of past weather events and phenomena; prepare reports of weather events for legal proceedings, review meteorological reports from opposing expert witnesses, and participate in depositions and trials as required. Deliver honest, in-depth findings via written report and/or verbal testimony.

Meteorological Training

Teach businesses, governmental agencies, schools, and industry how to use weather information.